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StarShade Solar Screen Experts offer ideal window treatments to solve your glaring sun issues. Solar screens can stop up to 90% of the solar heat, harmful UV rays and radiation before it touches your windows. This conserves energy and saves on your electric bill. You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside your home, while providing an opaque barrier to prying eyes from the outside.

Homes in South Texas suffer from oppressive summer heat, especially in  the San Antonio area.  Our solar screen consultants can demonstrate the effectiveness of solar screens in stopping heat and radiation, and protecting your furniture, blinds, precious photographs  and carpet from fading and discoloration. Block insects from invading your home. StarShade solar window screens and sunshades will also extend the life of your air conditioning unit, and save you on maintenance and expensive repair bills,  enhance the facade of commercial rental properties, give tenants privacy and increase occupancy. A sunshade or solar screen is the ideal window treatment. Call for free estimate or competitive bid.

Only the finest, quality materials are used in the construction of StarShades.  Most of our competitors will put a screw through the screen and into the window frame  This voids all window manufacturers warranties.  Our professional installers will never damage your windows by drilling into your window frames.  StarShade solar window screens are easy to take off, so window cleaning is a snap.<<Read More About Solar Screens>>

Why Choose Solar Screens 

  • Aesthetics, Solar Screens add "curb appeal."
  • Conservationism: Solar Screens lower energy usage.
  • Heat Gain: Solar Screens reduce heat gain
  • Budget Conscious: Solar Screens reduce your electric bill.
  • Protection: Solar Screens stop fading of blinds, furniture, carpets and photos.
  • Comfort: Solar Screens make your home more comfortable through passive cooling.
  • Privacy & Security: Solar Screens let you see out, but no one can see in.
  • Glare: Solar Screens stop the sun's glare,

Department of Energy Recommends Solar Screens and Solar Shades

The US Department of Energy states that exterior shading, including sun shades, solar shades and solar window screens, is about 50% more effective than internal devices at blocking solar heat. Doors and windows shaded from the outside, using solar screens and solar shades made with Textilene solar fabric, can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 20-30 degrees.