StarShade offers ideal window treatments to solve your glaring sun issues. Solar screens can stop up to 90% of the solar heat, harmful UV rays and radiation before it touches your windows. Textilene solar fabrics are used in our solar screens, roller shades and screen doors. This conserves energy and saves on your electric bill. You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside your home, while providing an opaque barrier to prying eyes from the outside.

Most parts of Texas suffer from oppressive summer heat, especially in  the San Antonio area.  Protect your furniture, blinds, precious photographs  and carpet from fading and discoloration. Stop pesky insects from invading your home. StarShade window screens will also extend the life of your air conditioning unit, and save you on expensive repair bills.

Our 80% textilene fabric affords a tad more light and visibility, while our 90% textilene offers a bit more heat protection.  No matter which you choose, a StarShade window screen  will protect you from the heat  while stopping the glare.  All of our solar screens are easily removable and replaceable, so you have the versatility to remove them during the winter, affording more light. Call for free estimate or competitive bid.

Screens  or sunshade will reduce wear and tear and extend life of air conditioning systems. Enhance the facade of commercial rental properties, give tenants privacy and increase occupancy. A sunshade or solar screen is the ideal window treatment. Call for free estimate or competitive bid.

Why Choose Solar Screens

  • Aesthetics, some people feel that custom made solar window screens and add a sophisticated and modern look to their home and add "curb appeal."
  • Conservationists, want to help reduce their carbon footprint on the environment and choose custom solar screens to lower energy usage.
  • Heat Gain: If you are having difficulties controlling the heat in your San Antonio home, there is no more efficient product than custom window solar screens. Two-story homes are especially susceptible if there are no trees to block incoming radiant heat. Solar screens and roll up solar shades stop the sun's heat from even touching your windows.
  • Budget Conscious: Everyone wants to lower their electric bill. With energy prices increasing each year, solar screens with Textilene solar fabric help reduce energy consumption… Thus lowering your electric bills.
  • Protection: If you have valuable art work, or precious photographs in your home, the last thing that you want are harmful UV rays fading your treasures. The same goes for furniture, blinds, drapes and anything that is exposed to the sun’s glare. eliminate most of the UV radiation coming into your home. Shade screens add a layer of insulation to your windows, and do not void your window warranty like film.
  • Comfort: Whether you live in Boerne, Helotes, or New Braunfels, living in an air conditioned environment sometimes makes us forget what fresh air feels like. Solar screens allow you to open your windows and receive the cooling effects of breezes passing through your home. Roll up shades are perfect for the patio. Even in winter,  your windows will be 15% more energy efficient.
  • Privacy & Security: Many stay at home moms appreciated the fact that when inside their  home, they can see outside, but no one can see inside. When neighbors windows look into yours, or while entertaining on your patio, a solar fabric will divert prying eyes.
  • Glare: Many people in Cibolo, Schertz and New Braunfles have living rooms that face west. Uncovered transom windows make it nearly impossible to watch television programs because of the glare. All window shades must be completely closed in order to see the picture. Textilene solar fabric in 80, 90 and 95 percent screen will reduce the glare.
  • Warranty: Besides providing the best warranty on solar screens, your window warranty is not voided by our solar screen installation.  Our Schertz solar screen manufacturing facility stands behind every solar product we sell. 

Department of Energy Recommends Solar Screens

The US DOE stated that exterior shading is about 50% more effective than internal devices at blocking solar heat. Shading windows and doors from the outside can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 20-30 degrees.  Inside shading, such as tinting, shades or blinds,  allows heat to enter your home. and will not reduce heat as effectively as exterior shading.

All windows are not the same. StarShade produces three types of solar window screens. We have the proper screen to fit any window, without having to screw into your window or our screen and they come with a lifetime limited warranty.  StarShade offers full service installation, including professional measuring and installation.

Only the finest and longest lasting materials are used in the construction of StarShades.  You will never find a plastic corner in our solar screen.  Heavy 7/16" x 1" frame is used primarily to insure strength and durability.  The fabric is held into the frame with a rubber spline nearly 1/4" thick.  Most of our competitors will put a screw through the screen and into the window frame  This voids all window manufacturers warranties.  Our professional installers will never damage your windows by drilling into your window frames.  StarShades solar screens are easy to take off, so window cleaning is a snap. 

Many of the windows on home built by Ryland have a built up frame that makes it impossible to install a flat framed solar screen properly.  SharShade has standoff frame constructed like a shoe box lid that completely covers the window and prevents having to put any screws into the window frame.  You window warranty is not voided, and you have a beautiful covering for your window that is easily removed and replaced. 

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