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Solar Window Screens

StarShade Solar Screen Experts offer ideal screen window treatments to solve your glaring sun issues. Solar screens and patio shades can stop up to 90% of the solar heat, harmful UV rays and radiation before it touches your windows. This conserves energy and saves on your electric bill. You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside your home, while providing an opaque barrier to prying eyes outside. StarShade manufactures the highest quality screens available. Buying screen materials at Home Depot or other box stores is an option, but the frames available there are smaller and thinner than those produced by StarShade. It is not easy to roll a screen into a frame without some bowing to occur. Because our factory trained technicians use a more study frame and have years of experience, Your screens are made perfectly.  Our 80% textilene fabric affords a tad more light and visibility, while our 90% textilene offers a bit more heat protection.  No matter which you choose, a StarShade solar window screen will protect you from the heat  while stopping the glare.  All of our solar screens are easily removable and replaceable, so you have the versatility to remove them during the winter, affording more light. Call for free estimate or competitive bid. Solar screens enhance the facade of commercial rental properties, giving tenants privacy and increases occupancy. A sunshade or solar screen is the ideal window treatment.

Motorized Solar Roller Shades

  • Long Lasting and Durable - Full 5 Year WarrantyOutdoor Solar Roller Shade

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Safe - Shades have Fire Retardant Fabric

  • Stylish - Come in a Wide Variety of Fabric Colors and Styles . Interior or Exterior Roller Shades.

  • Protection: Reduces Amouth of UV Rays Entering Your Home.

  • Privacy - Enjoy Your View, but Keep Out Prying Eyes.

  • Versitile - Adjustable to Suit Your Needs.

  • Glare - Stop Annoying Glare.

  • Perfect for Patios or Porches, Pergolas, and Gazebos.

  • Maximize Outdoor Living Area

  • Convenience - Motorized Shades can be operated from inside your home.

Patio enclosure in San Antonio


Patio Enclosures and covers allow you to reclaim your porch, gazebo, pergola or patio outdoor living areas. Sunrooms cost a fraction of home remodeling. Keep the sun, insects and prying eyes out with your new screen room. Custom built in a variety of design choices, frame and screen colors. Whether you are screening in your porch, gazebo, pergola or pation, installaton is fast, usually taking a  day or tow, not weeks or months like conventional construction. Start enjoying outdoor living again with a new sunroom from StarShade,

Dakota Security Screen Door

Security Screen Doors

We offer every screen door needed for your home: decorative screen doors, security screen doors, sliding screen doors and retractable screen doors. We can even rescreen your present screen door with Textilene solar fabric. Stop bugs and heat from entering your home. All screen doors are custom built to fit any size opening you have and are professionally installed,. No matter which type of screen door you need we can match the  color to compliment any home or business.