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Interior Solar Roller Shades








Offce with interior roller shades

Solar Window Shades Improve Any Room's Decor

Solar roller window shades provide a nice accent for the interior of your home.  Our interior solar window roll up sunshades come in a variety of designer colors and will fit in almost any opening.  One of the added benefits of an interior retractable solar sun shade is not only its ability to cool down any living space but they also help to avoid sun damage to your furniture and carpets. In addition, there are different models and pricing, based on your desire and needs.  Solar shades may be motorized for easy operation by being hard wired and activated by a wall switch, or be activated by remote control so you can operate one or all of them with a simple push of a button.  The low-tech approach is as simple as a roll up pull chain.  All of our motorized, remote control shades come with optional motors, depending on the size of the shade.  Also, there is no need for new wiring with our battery operated motorized shade.  Our interior retractable solar roller shades and window treatments also have commercial applications. They can be installed anywhere from a large office building or complex to a small store front window. Interiorsolar shade screens can also be manufactured with your logo or a printed message, giving you added marketing value. 

Effective Management of Sunlight

Through the use of textile fabrics in various materials, patterns and openness, natural filtered light can be used as an element of design for this window treatment, while also managing the sun’s heat and glare through the use of interior sun control products.  The use of an interior sun control retractable shade can make any  room, office, or restaurant a more comfortable environment by eliminating the sun’s heat and glare, while maintaining the view.  Sun Control screens filter and diffuse the damaging uv rays that cause interior furnishings, flooring and portraits to fade.  Utilizing sun control fabrics to effectively reduce the energy consumption, thus reducing the amount of solar heat gain, and thereby lowering your energy costs. Using lighter color screenss on the interior to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat absorption from the sun’s hot rays is more energy efficient than using a darker color fabric, which creates heat absorption into the interior.  However, lighter color fabrics while more energy efficient than a darker fabric for interior use, also provides more glare and reflection than the darker colored screens which have no glare or reflection and provide a much more enhanced view.  With this in mind textile fabricators have created various performance fabrics that allow a lighter color or aluminum finish to the exterior (facing outward) that defuses the light entering the room and eliminates the glare factor of lighter colored fabrics.  These performance screens with the aluminum coating are also much more energy efficient than the traditional sun control fabrics.  Roller shades provide the ideal combination of sun control, visibility, solar protection, and heat reduction to meet any of your needs!

Safety Tension Device

We are proud to introduce our new child safety device that complies with the CPSC has been engineered to lock the cord/chain if it is not installed to the wall or if it comes loose from the mounting surface. The locking mechanism will render the shade inoperable until the safety device is reattached properly in compliance with ANSI/WCMA standard section 6.5.2. Once installed, the Cord/Chain Safety Locking Tensioner is designed to allow the chain connector and/or stop bead to pass easily through the opening.

Basic Cord Safety

Children and window cords don't mix. When window cords are accessible to small children, these seemingly harmless products may become strangulation hazards.  This is especially important with older window coverings that may not meet the latest national standard for window cord safety.  The Window Covering Safety Council is urging parents and caregivers to make the right choice and only use cordless window products in young children’s bedrooms and sleeping areas. Owners and renters should replace all window coverings in the home made before 2001 with today’s safer products.