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Solar Screen Pricing Information - StarShade Solar Screens

Choose the Right Frame For Your Solar Screens

solar screen pricing

Good 5/16” x 1” frame can be used on windows that have an upper and lower screen channel. These screens are easy to pop in using a spring at the top of the screen.

Better 7/16” x 1” frame can be used on most windows. More efficient because they setf urther off the glass. They are installed with wing clips and are easily removed and installed in a matter of seconds.

Best 3/4” x 3/4” x 1 3/16” Stand Off frame is the only solution to cover legacy vinyl windows. Great for window protection on golf courses. Stand off screens resemble a shoe box lid and set far off the glass giving you better heat dissapation andtection.

Choose the Right Screen Fabric for your Windows

StarShade Solar Screens are made from durable and tough TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester. Designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, this fabric also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun. While blocking the sun's rays, Solar Screen will reduce energy cost and provide protection to your indoor furnishings. Flame resistant and fade resistant, Solar Screen is a durable alternative for insect screen. Excellent for daytime privacy without blocking the view, this versatile fabric will endure years of outdoor use. Don't be afraid to mix and match 80% and 90% screens as they are the exact same color. 


This fabric offers great sun protection while affording a great view to the outside. Where more light is important, an 80% screen can be used. 


For your hot spots there is 90% fabric. It offers incredible protectiong from the sun's radiation and still affords a good view outside. It does reduce the amount of light entering the window compared to the 80% fabric. 

Screens are priced per square foot.  

When measuring round up to nearest whole or half foot. You can measure from inside. Example: window inside measurement width  34 1/2" x 59 1/2"  Multiply 3'x5' this would give you a total of 15 square feet. Continue adding up the square footage until you have a total for all of the windows that you would like to cover with solar screens. Click on the button and enter the total number of square feet. This will give you an accuate estimate of the cost.


Pricing per Square Foot: 

Solar Screens 5/16:"x1" Frame
$5.00 for Black. Brown or Stucco Textilene 80%  
$5.31for Black, Brown or Stucco Textilene 90% 

Solar Screens 7/16:"x1" Frame
$5.63 for Black. Brown or Stucco Textilene 80%  
$5.84  for Black, Brown or Stucco Textilene 90% 

Solar Screens 3/4"x3/4"x1-3/16" Stand Off Frame
$6.25 for Black, Brown or Stucco Textilene 80%  
$6.56 for Black, Brown or Stucco Textilene 90% 


The minimum screen size for pricing is 4 square feet. 

Other charges  (Sales tax is also added on all orders.) 

Add $5 per screen for unsupported second floor or vaulted installation* 

Matching grids will be priced at $2.50 per grid bar and clips.

Arched or geometric windows will be priced according to square footate, plus a $25 charge.
*If the top of the window is more than 10 feet off the ground it falls into this category.