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Solar Screen Rebates - StarShade Solar Screens


Rebate FormDownload adobe pdf rebate application form for NBU

 Improvement shall require a GVEC listed contractor. StarShade Solar Screens is a GVEC listed contractor.

  • Screens on windows in non-conditioned areas do not qualify.
  • Screens shall cover the entire glass surface area for each fenestration.
  • Minimum of 70% reduction of solar heat gain for solar screens .
  • Invoice shall include the following information: manufacturer’s data on reflectivity or heat gain co-efficient, product identifiers, and performance rating specifications.
  • Does not apply to new construction.
  • All material shall be new.
  • Manufacturer’s installation practices and procedures shall be followed.
  • State and local codes shall be followed.


 Signed invoice forms showing work completed. No estimates accepted


 $0.50/sq. ft. of window


DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM Download adobe pdf rebate application form for NBU

  •  Applicant must have an active electric service account (commercial or residential) with New Braunfels Utilities at the time of purchase and installation. 
  •  Rebates will be paid on the actual square footage (minimum 25 sq. ft.) of existing (not new construction) glass that encloses a mechanically air conditioned permanent dwelling and that face east, southeast, south, southwest, west or northwest directions only. North or northeast facing windows do not qualify. Correct direction facing skylights also qualify. Treated windows must have three hours direct sunlight per day and may not already be covered with solar film or solar screens. Glass panes must not be reflective, wired, textured, obscured or patterned and must be single or dual pane glass only. 
  • The window treatment must be permanently affixed to the glass (solar films) or window frame (solar screens). Solar film must have an integral adhesive, not a cling film and a uniform appearance with no streaks, banding, pinholes, jagged edges, scratches or bubbles. Solar film must carry a five year warranty against fading, cracking, crazing or adhesive failure and must provide for replacement film and labor. 
  • The SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) must be less than .41 (<.41 SHGC) for solar films and a minimum 80% heat gain blockage for solar screens. 
  • Manufacturer’s installation procedures and local city codes will be followed. Solar Screen or film can either be self-installed or installed by a company in the business of selling and installing solar film or solar screens. 
  • The residential or commercial rebate is $0.75 / sq.ft. and cannot exceed 50% of the total job cost, including materials, labor and tax. Maximum rebate is limited to $300.00. 
  • Customer or contractors receipt must include documentation for all requirements as stated in these guidelines. Receipt(s) must be accompanied by the manufacturer’s product identification stating the rated SHGC or heat blockage %, warranty statement and documentation detailing total area and direction of treatment installed. Materials must be minimally warranted for five years and contractor labor for one year. 
  • Purchase and installation must be between August 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014 and application received by New Braunfels Utilities by July 31, 2014. 
  • New Braunfels Utilities reserves the right to inspect the installation prior to approval of the rebate. New Braunfels Utilities is not responsible for damage to persons or property from the installation of window treatments by the customer’s agent. 
  • Funding for this rebate program is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.