I have spent this morning responding to the many reviews our customers have posted about StarShade. I really can't tell you how proud and humbled I feel. I know that statement appears to have some cognitive disonnence, but not so. Our goal is to help others and when you receive a kind word about your work, it lets you know that you are doing things the right way. The thought that a customer took their precious time to write a review about you and then post it for others to see is very humbling. I will gain a lot of pleasure entering in their reviews onto our review page for prospective clients to see. 

Our entire process at StarShade is about helping others. I heard a car commercial where they stated that they had a low-pressure sales force. Personally, I don't like pressure, even low pressure, when I am making a buying decision. I don't think that others should have to endure it either. 

You Gotta Laugh

My wife and I both suffer from depression. There is a constant row over who gets the anti-depressants. We find it is really important to laugh, most especially during the dark days. There has been a cycle in my life since I was a teenager. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 40. That's a lot of time living with a near dibilitating disease. Knowing that you have depression is most of the battle. Going undiagnosed gives you a world of pain and little help in coping with your problem. But, if you know you have depression, you can activly fight it. Some people with depression feel tired, trapped and helpless.

True Story

Before I begin, I have to say that I have been happily married to Catherine for 15 years. It was a first marriage for both of us. In 2000, I was 49 1/2, and that was when Cathrine and entered into marital bliss. We both have many alternative phases for "marital bliss", but this is a PG blog. I am still new to this marriage thing, so please forgive me if I am not always politically correct. She still has a lot of work to do on me.I find that moving targets are harder to hit.

So anyways, my wife and I are lying on the bed watching Hulu and a joke starts forming in my head. I finally formulate it and want to test it on my wife. So I say to her.

Example of bad window tinting


A Discussion About Window Tint

Many San Antonio homeowners have tried window tint to keep the summer sun from heating their windows, overworking their air conditioning unit, and driving up their electricity bill.

There are many horror stories about window tint on the internet.  Improper cleaning, bubbles and flaking seem to be the most prevalent. I am writing this in response to a local window/siding/tint company giving a review on solar screens. Much of what was posted was false or inaccurate. Although, I own the URL sanantoniowindowtint.com and windowtintsanantonio.com, I do not offer window tint service. Please read further and you will discover why I do not offer window tint.

Apple Data Center HubApple Data Centers Go Green

California-based technology company Apple is fast establishing itself as a leader in the green movement.

The company behind sleek, well-designed devices like the iPhone and the iPad has come under fire from environmental watchdog agencies – most recently Greenpeace – for not having used sustainable energy and practices in their buildings and manufacturing processes in the past.